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Dogs As Pets

You wouldn’t choose your life partner based on how they look. Why choose a dog for the same reasons. We talk about factors to consider in choosing a dog as your life partner.

Erasmus Erasmus : Pets
We also have a FULL site devoted to choosing your dog. Visit us at WWW.ENKdogs.com

Schnauser Love with Child Schnauzer kiss- from your devote Schnauzer.


Erasmus Profile Erasmus: The site is devoted to dogs. All dogs. Our headline dog is of course the Schnauzer – hence Achtung Schnauzer.

Kinkajou Profile Kinkajou : They’re quirky. They’re bright. What’s not to like.

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: All dogs are lovable. They fit a chink in humanity’s armour against the world particularly well. We fit together and when we live together we discover we belong together. Our lives when shared with dogs, become very different. When you have a dog, you are no longer lonely. I think this is the greatest gift that dogs bring to humanity.

Schnauser Sitting At Attention. Schnauzer.

Choosing your dog

Kinkajou Profile Kinkajou : You wouldn’t choose your life partner based on just their looks so why choose your dog this way. You look at an animal and are attracted to them for a few seconds a day based on their looks, but you need to live with them 24 hours a day.

Choosing your dog companion is one of the most important choices you will ever make. Dogs do not live forever – but they will likely be with you for 10 to 17 years. That is a long time to commit to making permanent changes in your own behaviour.

schnauser sentry Schnauzer - on sentry.


Erasmus Profile Erasmus: Even in such a large group of very different dogs of a single breed – it becomes obvious that there are still many more similarities between dogs within the breed then there are with other dogs in general.

Goo Goo : It comes back to the saying you hear so much when you travel in Southeast Asia: “Same”, “Same”, “But Different”.

Aussie Blue Cattle Dog with Ball Blue Cattle Dog with Ball

Erasmus Profile Erasmus: So the final point to make- is that dogs come in many shapes and sizes and have many different behaviours. While all dogs will endeavour to please, many behaviours are genetically determined and not learned. It can be very hard to know what behavioural traits are important to you but I have tried to run through a few basic ones:

Social greeters versus loose greeters

Constant companions versus loose companions

High-energy versus low energy: exercise vs. mental energy

Inbuilt herding or guarding or territorial behaviours

Good/bad habits and quirks – digging/retrieving/carrying.

Intelligence- it makes a difference in what they bark at when they hear noises late at night.

Child and small animal tolerance

Ball Chasing and retrieving: Some dogs chase and retrieve balls, but then need to be taught to give them up so they can be thrown again.

Are you a “big dog” person?


2 Dogs Playing Two Doggie Mates Playing