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How to deal with a significant other with a drug problem. Some practical advice.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Governments throughout the Western world - support and fund opioid addiction management programs. They do this because there is very strong evidence that these types of programs have substantial benefits. People who undertake these programs are substantially better off than people who fail to enroll.

Drug Craving
Family members and acquaintances of drug users who do not support addiction management programs are making a stand against all evidence. The evidence is very clear. Failing to support people to enroll in addiction management programs will hurt people and will kill people.

Judge In Court Drugs and Judges : a natural pairing.

Erasmus Erasmus : Addiction management programs for enrolled ex-users:
*    Improve health (by reducing disease exposure, improving nutrition, reducing conflict injury and crime consequences).
*    Improve finances (by reducing money spent on drugs).
*    Improve social aspects of people’s lives.
*    Reduce crime and the negative consequences of crime on a person’s life.

(For example,
people do not need to steal, prostitute or trade to acquire money for drugs).


Kinkajou Kinkajou :  Drugs damage people’s lives. They keep on doing so unless active steps are taken to reduce the consequences of drug addiction. Opioid management programs are one of the main strategies whereby the negative consequences of seeking and using narcotics on a person’s life, are controlled.


Needle Use In Drug Use IV Drug Injecting

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : In my experience as a doctor, people who undertake opioid management programs of their own choice, do very well. They do very well if they remain within a program. Users cannot stop using unless they change their lives. People do not choose to stop drugs.

It is life circumstances and the people around a user that stops them using drugs.

People can successfully stop opioid management programs:
*    If they have a partner and/or family who does not support drug use and actively seeks to minimise the drug use of the user. (For example, I remember one patient who spent the family budget on drugs. His wife appeared with the user in tow, to make sure he got back on the program, to make sure his using stopped).
   They have a house, mortgage, bills, children and responsibilities which occupy the users’ time and money and which limit their resources for using and accessing drugs.

Too much spare time and too much spare money is a definite recipe for drifting into using. People who want to stop using need to have strategies in place to limit the time available and the money available to support a “using” habit.

Illicit Substances Preparing IV Drugs for Injecting
Erasmus Erasmus : If you are a user, and you want to do as well as many others who have accessed opioid programs, you need to make an active choice to enroll in such a program. If you do not enroll in a program, you are headed down and out and towards death and destitution. Other people who had made the choice to get into a program are slowly rebuilding their lives, their happiness and are really enjoying life all over, once again. Don’t be the one who didn’t make it.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : See ENKDRUGS.COM


Needles and Drugs Needle for Injecting

Erasmus Erasmus : Developing addiction is a very fine threshold.
Taking large doses of painkillers (typically opioids) because they are needed, for example as in cancer pain treatment or post-surgical treatment is not necessarily a problem.

Deciding that you “like” a painkiller such as an opioid, even if the doses are relatively low, means that you now have a problem.

In short, taking these medications to feel good is a problem.
Taking these medications to feel normal is not.


Girl : the hopes of the young How do you feel? An important issue for the drug user.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : I think that there is likely to be a drug out there for everyone. Uppers or downers or feel gooders or sedatives or hallucinogenics / dreamers appeal to different people. You probably won’t like all of these different drugs. But it is very likely you may like at least one of them.

The main method of avoiding addiction and substance use – is not to try drugs in the first place. Substance use  / addiction has serious consequences in many aspects of your life. No matter how much better the drug may make you feel – nothing in your life changes. Your capacity to cope with problems in your life decreases as new problems emerge. Don’t be tempted to try them for any reason.

Man Standing and Distantly Unsociable Drugs affect anyone - even cool people.

Erasmus Erasmus : One of the new waves of substance use is of middle-aged and older couples becoming addicted to amphetamines.

Just don’t go there.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : You cannot successfully force someone to stop using drugs. In my practice, when family members bring drug addicted people to me for treatment, prognosis is dependent on the commitment of the drug addicted person. A substance user/ addict who has brought himself or herself to see me of their own volition and desires to stop using drugs, will have a 90% success rate in ceasing drug use on an ORT program. A substance user / addict who has been forced to see me by their family or significant others and told to stop using drugs (against their will), has a 90% failure rate in ceasing drug use.

Asking someone” You do want to stop using, don’t you?” begs a “Yes” answer. If the User is saying this to keep you on side, they will not be serious about stopping their drug usage.


Getting the substance user/ addict to say “I will stop using” can still be worthwhile doing, even if not said with commitment. There is a transition between saying it and committing to it. But in the long term, commitment is critical.

Erasmus Erasmus : So let’s look at the strategies for each of these cases.

Committed           Not Committed

Kinkajou Kinkajou : See ENKDRUGS.COM
for a full briefing on Drug Addiction Management.



Old Man and drugs The result of a life of drugs- old destitute and alone.
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