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Real Estate Checklist for Buy/Sell

If you’re buying or selling a property, have a checklist to assess the property. Rely on the answers that you have worked out, not just on what other people seek to tell you to manipulate you.


Erasmus Erasmus :  Our List of Questions to help you get Answers:

Site Address:
Why are you selling?
Bid Goal:
How long on market so far:


Pricing History Multiples of Earnings  
Price per M2   
Similar Sales in Area

Rental Contracts:
Income Guarantee Contracts:

ReBuilding Cost:                           
Land Area:

Freehold vs. Leasehold vs. Strata Title         
Caveats e.g. Building or maintenance restrictions
e.g.   Rental or usage issues in “pool”



Costs                                            Commissions:

Rates      Insurance       Cleaning        Problems
Body Corp.       Sinking Fund    Cleaning
Caveats e.g. Management Rights



Features of Accommodation                             

Unit House      Short Stay           

Orientation/ Sun     





Transport       Shops      Schools         Work Locations  Road Noise

Good Area / Bad Neighbours



Typical Regional Rentals        


Target Rental Market Size:



Growth Story               Population Base      

Special Regional Problems

Capital Gain Prospects           Rental Failure Prospects



Maintenance Issues


Cottage For SalePretty House For Sale.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Print out the checklist and try to get answers whenever you talk to someone about the real estate you are researching

Goo the Numbat Goo : Its always good to have a checklist. Its helps you to focus on important issues that you may not remember to ask about.


Erasmus Erasmus :  Banks will generally only loan you money to the extent that
repayments are equal to 25% of your income. This ensures you have enough money to pay your tax and live on.

You can do the sums to learn what e bank will loan you.
e.g. If you earn AUD80,000 per year, this means that your maximum repayment will be 20000 per annum. So if interest rates are 3% at retail level,
you can borrow 20000/0.03 = AUD 660,000