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Sexual Health
How to stay safe from STI’s and still enjoy your sex life.

Notes for Workers:
Erasmus Erasmus : As a prelude to sexual activity, every sex worker should inspect the genital of their clients. It is your  right to refuse to engage in sexual activity where there is evidence of any dangers such as evidence of genital infections. Don’t forget to look at perianal areas. You may need to work out your own routine for making these inspections less intrusive/ less confrontational, but do it all the same.

People who are not sex workers should check people they have sex with to the same extent. It is your  right to refuse to engage in sexual activity where there is evidence of any danger.

Kinkajou FaceKinkajou : People are required to disclose their HIV status if requested by an aspiring sexual partner, ( in Australia anyway) . ASK! HIV has minimal transmissibility via oral contact. It is predominantly spread via anal or to some extent vaginal intercourse.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Home HIV tests are available and can be purchased via the internet. Remember that most tests use antibodies. These take time to appear: up to three months. During this time, before the HIV test turns positive the person is very very infectious. Up to 40% of all HIV infection is spread before the affected person knows their status: i.e. in the window period before the test turns positive.

Today, if you think you may be at risk of HIV exposure, you can acquire and take Prep medications. These are very effective in stopping transmissi0on of HIV, if taken properly.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Slimy secretions on the head of a penis suggest chlamydial or gonorrhoeal infection and should always be regarded as potentially dangerous.

“Pre-come” may also appear slimy. Most men will require genital stimulation to produce Pre-come, (pre-ejaculate). This is not likely to appear “on presentation” at a place of sexual work.
Most men seeking sex with sex workers, will have needed to park their cars, navigate to the house, negotiate bill payment and face confrontation with an unfamiliar person in an intimate fashion in an unfamiliar situation. These are all activities designed not to “Cream your Jeans”.

This ejaculatory type discharge will usually come later when some stimulation has been applied to genitals. It is perhaps also more likely to occur in older men with early “prostate” issues.

Sex Worker on Premesis Venue Sex Worker at "venue"
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Small open sores may suggest Genital Herpes. These lesions may of course be very small, very scattered and very sparse. It is possible for a person to only have 1-2 lesions. This means it is easy to miss infectious lesions.

Kinkajou FaceKinkajou :  Condoms are essential for the protection of all consenting adults engaged in sexual activities / sex work. Condoms need to be applied to an erect penis with space allowed at the tipoff the penis to hold ejaculate, typically about 2-5 ml.

Kinkajou FaceKinkajou :  Condoms are likely to break if not applied properly. They also are very uncomfortable for the client if not applied properly.
Clients with erectile problems are likely to have medical problems and may require medications such as Viagra or Cialis. If you perform hand stimulation without a condom as the client complains of lack of sensation, there is minimal risk of sexually transmissible infections spreading through intact dry skin.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Condoms are very protective but are not a perfect protection from acquiring a sexually transmissible infection. Many germs can be spread by on body parts such as fingers which contact infected secretions and then contact living tissue e.g. the vagina while being freshly contaminated. Careful where your fingers go: “fresh to fresh” is maybe not a really good idea. “Dry to fresh” is probably a lot safer. (But not perfectly safe).

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx :  Gonorrhoea and chlamydia spread readily to oral, anal or genital areas. Wear condoms for oral sexual activity for your own protection.
If a woman notices any change in vaginal secretions or discharge or odour, see a doctor and get tested and treated.

There are many possible genital infections. In Australia, Medicare limits the type of pathology tests that can be done, so getting a diagnosis may require some persistence in seeing the doctor to get tests done and to get a diagnosis / treatment.

Sex Worker on Bed

Erasmus Erasmus : The aim of sexual health checks is to make you think about your own safety and the safety of clients. Many people enter / leave the sex industry over time. Being careful is about protecting your health.  I would like to see people leaving the sex work industry with their health as good as when they entered. Workers able to get pregnant, have families and live normal lives with partners of their choosing.

Erasmus Erasmus :And for the men. Use a Condom. At least for your own sake. Disease and illness are the consequences of lack of being careful.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Finally, being involved in the sex industry does change your attitudes to sex and partners. With time away from the industry many of these return to normal. Many working women begin to dislike men a lot.


Sex Worker

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx :

Typical sexual Health Certificate for a Sex Worker in Australia.
Sexual Health Certificate
This is to certify that   ______________________  (work name)   ________________ (ID Concatenate)
sur sur first first dayofmonth
Attended this clinic on Date: __________________ to be screened for sexually transmissible infections

Clinical Examination Performed ::: Yes   No    Result : _________________________________________
Blood Serology Performed or Ordered ::: Yes   No    Status: ___________________________________
Genital Swabs or Urine Tests Performed or Ordered:  Status: _________________________________
Neisseria gon, Chlamydia

I have advised that ______________________  (work name)   has been assessed as having no evidence of a 

significant genital infection on __________________________________(Date).

He / She is certified fit to work (i.e. having no contraindications to working) for the next three weeks while awaiting results of serology or swabs.
Certificate valid until : _______________________ ( three weeks)

He / She is certified fit to work (i.e. having no contraindications to working) for the next three months having normal clinical examination findings, Normal blood serology and Normal genital swabs or urine
tests. (Normal = showing no evidence of Significant Infectious Sexually Transmissible Infection)

Certificate valid until : _______________________ ( three months)
Clinic Stamp / Doctor Stamp

Signature Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx :                                Date