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Muscle and Tendon Pains

Discusses chronic muscle pains and tendon pains, their causes - notably Paill Spectrum and their treatments. Mentions fibromyalgia, tennis and golfer’s elbows, chronic fatigue and joint pain.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : We going to talk about chronic muscle and tendon pains.
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Injuries are easy. Cause-and-effect. But there are many people who have no obvious injuries and no obvious problems experiencing significant symptoms.
There are small number of people with muscle and tendon pains who have recognised medical causes. Endocrine conditions and the connective tissue diseases are well known but generally are rare causes of the symptoms.

As for the remainder of the affected people, many of these conditions have no obvious cause. So, the symptoms are often categorised into the chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia group of conditions. Syndromes such as tennis elbow or golfers’ elbow are often ascribed to injury – even in people who are significantly resting and undertaking no or minimal activity. Ultrasound investigations can even show substantial areas of inflammation and swelling. Although rest and avoidance of injury is often prescribed as a treatment, it rarely has any effect.

Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx :What is wrong with these doctor idiots. They tell people to “rest and the tennis elbow or golfers’ elbow will get better”. Yet they don't. Surely a sensible person would wonder if their understanding of this condition is somehow deficient. No these tired old fools just keep on trotting out the same old tired advice. If you don't get better , they label you as a malingerer or someone with psychiatric issues. Even I would not do such a thing.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion. Generally, it is diagnosed when no other condition or disease can be discovered. (E.g. typically Connective Tissue Disease). Many doctors don’t even believe it exists. Doctors may not even agree on what the symptoms are.
Goo the Numbat Goo : Tell us what you know regarding fibromyalgia. Do you really think that fibromyalgia is just another manifestation of Paill Spectrum?
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Fibromyalgia is often diagnosed when a Rheumatologist ( a medical specialist), cannot confirm the presence of a classical autoimmune disorder such as SLE (Lupus) or Rheumatoid, but when there is obviously something wrong with the patient.  (The classical autoimmune diseases are collectively also known as Connective Tissue diseases).

SLE or Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
The key features of the Connective Tissue disease involve: arthritis and synovitis as well as vasculitis. Joints and organs like the kidneys are particularly affected. :-/
That's why it is so important to diagnose these conditions as a great deal of damage can be prevented if treatment is instituted. Arthritis and synovitis are easy to diagnose.
Where blood tests are negative, a nuclear bone scan will reveal the inflammation readily enough, if the affected area is big enough.

Vasculitis (and little microscopic foci of inflammation) are much more insidious conditions. The abnormal areas are too small to show up on most imaging tests. Most blood tests are not helpful. Tests for vasculitis usually fail to show any positive result and there is no obvious cause for the observed symptom. Doctors normally reassure their patients there is nothing wrong.

Erasmus Erasmus : Realistically, I would have to agree.  There does appear to be nothing wrong. :-> 

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : The significance of symptoms of fibromyalgia under the Paill Spectrum model is that the aches and pains in the fibromyalgia syndrome represent one of the symptom clusters (tendon aches and pains, muscle aches) that are characteristic of the Paill Spectrum Infection.
However , there is much more to consider.
Typical symptoms of fibromyalgia include: Pain in muscles and tendons, tiredness, chronic fatigue and being tired after exercise.

The Paill Spectrum model of the Fibromyalgia Syndrome would add symptoms such as sweaty hands, dizziness, or loss of balance, depression and memory loss. These symptoms may be variably present. Prolonged tiredness after exercise is a characteristic Paill Spectrum syndrome.

Most doctors have heard of the Fibromyalgia syndrome but would have little knowledge of how to diagnose or treat the condition.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : " Everyone knows about Fibromyalgia. Surely, you can just get a blood test done?

Blood test Blood test

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : (again)
Let's discuss Connective Tissue Disease, Immune or Inflammatory Screening Blood Tests in Paill Spectrum Fibromyalgia
The name Fibromyalgia is often used by Rheumatologists, when the patient has some type of soft tissue aches and pains, but all the standard screening rheumatological tests are negative.

ANF = ANA = antinuclear antibody or antinuclear factor
RhF = Rheumatoid Factor or Rheumatoid Factor Protein
ENA = Extractable Nuclear Antigens: usually only done when the ANA is positive

ESR = Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate: This test result is most typically "raised" by the presence of large cross-linking antibodies which effectively make the blood more viscous. It is nothing more complicated than letting blood in a tube settle and measuring how far it sinks in a given time.

CRP = C Reactive Protein. This test is a protein marker of inflammation. The tests numbers usually vaguely mirror the ESR (a more classical test).
Anti-DS DNA: anti-Double Stranded DNA: This is regarded as a specific test for SLE (Systemic Lupus).

Esoteric antibodies: e.g. ANCA: antinuclear cytoplasmic antigen, usually used as a test for vasculitis.

There are a host of other tissue auto antibodies. They are often used to exclude specific diseases or tissue specific autoimmune diseases, rather than as a screen for multi-tissue autoimmune diseases. Lupus is perhaps one of the more common syndromes that doctors try to exclude when assessing the symptoms and signs of fibromyalgia.

Tired Miserable Aching Tired Miserable Aching
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : About : Connective Tissue Diseases:
Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : The very concept of "autoimmunity" is the devil's work in my opinion. The immune system has evolved over billions of years with the imperative that every mistake is death. Strange that humans alone amongst so many species on this planet should suffer from "errant immunity " in such numbers. For example, it appears to me that the presence of nuclear antibodies may actually reflect immunity to the nuclear materials found in invading macrobiotic organisms.

Goo the Numbat Goo : Disturbing to think that something may be chomping down on you.

Numbat Goo Numbat Goo
Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : . The genes for many of the nuclear histone proteins are widely conserved throughout nature with minimal variation among many widely divergent species.  The job of the proteins in DNA packing is just so critical that evolution and nature punishes the slightest mistakes severely. So for example, the nuclear histone proteins from filarial worms are very similar to human nuclear histone proteins. The overlap  tends to make human centric humans think it’s all about them . They never learned to look around and smell the stench of illness ,defeat and death.

Characteristic Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Include:
Trigger Points: sensitive areas in the muscles
Trigger points do occur, but they are not really that common in fibromyalgic illness. Surprisingly many of these tender areas (usually being tendonitis), are not noticed until people or their doctors begin to check for signs of tenderness. They are remarkably symptom free. The few patients who have trigger points complain bitterly about them, as they interfere with their life activities considerably. 
Sore spots in various muscles in the back
Extreme Tiredness
Prolonged Tiredness after exercise :-[  

The Paill Spectrum Model of Fibromyalgia makes a Different Prediction of Symptoms:
The most common symptoms are tenderness in tendons or in tendon attachment points

Elbow Soreness being tested Elbow Soreness being tested

Typically these may involve:

Pain at the base of the fifth metatarsal ( long bone at the side of the foot)
Muscles may also be affected: typically: Upper Trapezius muscle or Deltoid muscle tenderness, Pain in the muscles around the shoulder blades.
Causes of muscle tenderness are quite complex in the Paill Spectrum model, and multiple treatments may need to be used especially over decades to ease the pain.

Bones may be affected: e.g. pain in the Pubic Bones.(Pubic symphysis to be exact)

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : The Paill Spectrum Model Predicts that patients with Paill Spectrum golfers’ elbow, tennis elbow or rotator cuff tendonitis will have a number of other characteristic symptoms and signs. These include:
Sweaty Hands: more common only in younger patients especially up to mid adult age

Other Pains in the Paill Spectrum Syndrome Pain Sites:

Metatarsal V edge,

Dizziness or Loss of Balance
Weight Gain (with developing insulin resistance),
Vague aches in the shoulders (Trapezius, deltoids), sometimes just felt rather than elicitable (findable) on examination
Irritability and Mood changes :-0
Increasing need for night time sleep: more hours per day, feel worse on awakening or need for naps during the day.

Other Symptoms may be Found Other Symptoms may be Found

Erasmus Erasmus : Summarizing, the Paill Spectrum model of disease as developed by Dr. Xxxxx suggests that perhaps the most important symptom is the subjective impression of aches, pains and tenderness in the upper body of the affected person. (Tenderness is pain when you press. Sore areas can be painful but not tender, depending on what is going on). Many patients, often present with no or very little “subjective” experience of tenderness.



Elbow Pain: Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow,
Shoulder Pain: especially in the Rotator Cuff Tendons

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Many Patients develop these symptoms and fail to get better spontaneously. They go to see their doctor. The doctor examines them and diagnoses Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow or Rotator Cuff Tendonitis of the shoulder. Often the bicipital tendons of the shoulder are involved as well.
Patients are advised to rest the strain. Strangely, most of these patients end up complaining of the same symptoms to the doctor for years to come. They do not recover from their simple strain.

Under the standard current medical model of how these conditions are caused, this just does not make sense. Dr. Xxxxx relates that he often sees patients who have "really" strained their tendons. They do get better and they do stay better, if there are no Paill Spectrum Symptoms, signs or blood test changes, present.



Kinkajou Kinkajou : So what is wrong with the standard medical model of these conditions? Why don’t they get better? Why can’t doctors fix people?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : The answer lies in that the standard medical model may be wrong. The Pail Spectrum model may be a better explanation for the condition of tennis elbow ( a traction apophysitis), and its poor response to treatment, than the standard medical model of this condition. When a doctor assesses a patient and uses the standard medical model to predict that the patient will get better, surprisingly the prediction he or she makes as to the course of the illness is wrong, because the model the doctor is using to predict the progress of the disease is wrong.

For shoulder problems, the excuse most frequently trotted out is that there must be some arthritis present. This excuse cannot be used to explain elbow pain, as the elbow joint is well away from where the pain and tenderness due to arthritis is found. So the patient is blamed for not resting enough.

In the Paill Spectrum Disease Model of Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow or Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, the disease causation is multifactorial. There are a number of important factors that if fixed, will result in improvement of symptoms.

Some of the risk factors for Paill Spectrum disease become risk factors in their own right. E.g. Vitamin B12 deficiency allows Paill Spectrum infection to becomes worse, but will also independently stop the shoulder tendons or elbow tendons from healing because the body does not have the “resources” to heal the damaged tissues. (Tendons). 



Erasmus Erasmus : Accepted causes of tennis or golfers’ elbow or rotator tendon cuff problems is tearing of the tendons at their origins from or insertions to bone. Usually golfers’ elbow or tennis elbow is treated with rest, ultrasound, and painkillers. Often they become chronic and painful.

Paill Spectrum Symptoms and Signs Paill Spectrum Symptoms and Signs



Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : By far the majority of these pain symptoms are due to the medical conditions of the PaillPlus family.

Paill causes irritation of the nerve fibres in the distal tendons and distal muscles.

CRRI and LLIAP focus more on the musculotendinous junction as the focus of symptoms. Symptoms at the musculotendinous junction are exacerbated by the deficient repair of damaged tissues. CRRI and LLIAP affect macrophage and lymphocyte function. This is significant because these cells are the first responders for tissue damage. They are the 1st to arrive, the 1st to identify damage and they subsequently secrete cytokines and interleukins which stimulate protein synthesis and healing.

Lower hormone levels (in particular anabolic sex hormones such as the androgen derivatives – testosterone in men and especially DHEAS/ progestogens in women), such as are common in adults over 40 years of age exacerbate these issues. Lower hormone levels would cause reduced protein synthesis means reduced repair.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies have two layers of effects. The key environments are B12 and folate. The key mineral is zinc, and perhaps to some extent magnesium. Deficiencies in any of these environments and minerals because reduced healing. However, they have an indirect effect in that reduced levels of these bonds and minerals also reduced immune function, enhancing the effects of the entire PaillPlus illness family.

Heat is an effective therapy for many of these conditions. Low grade body temperature style heat treatment- elevations of local temperature to a maximum of 1-3 degrees Celsius aids healing. Higher levels of heat feel good, can relax muscles better if there is acute muscle spasm, but actually act to cook the immune cells and slow healing.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Telling people to stop injuring themselves is important. Another common cause of failure to recover is recurrent injury.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Recurrent injury is very important. It is very often not appreciated by people to the extent that their inappropriate actions are exacerbating and maintaining their pain. The classical story I give is of a patient who came to see me who was having problems with his fractured collarbone healing. He told me that it had been broken for three months and that there was no healing. I asked him how he knew that it was not healing. He replied that every morning he would push the area around the break and would feel that it was moving. Hence, he knew that the fracture was not healing. My advice to him was to leave the fracture site alone. No more pushing. He was sceptical but follow my advice. He recovered in about 10 days.

Erasmus Erasmus : People routinely do this to themselves every day. Maybe not in the way that the story suggests but in all sorts of other ways. The housewife needs to pack things away into a lower cupboard which is difficult to access. Mothers need to look after the children. Fathers need to do specific jobs around the house for maintenance. People do exercise and do not realise that exercise can have a downside as well if not engaged properly.
In short, people do the same stupid things to themselves again and again and suffer the consequences. It is very important to try to work out whether people are inadvertently injuring themselves.



Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Neck Pains are another common and classical problem. People continue with their exercise and activity, not realising that movement can flare the neck. In particular movement while under load is particularly likely to damage the small joints in the cervical spine. That is if you lift weight and turn your head you are much more likely to damage your small neck joints than just turning your head.

The advice that I give most of these people: do not lift and turn your head. Once people understand how simple activities, they undertake is maintaining their injury, they are able to change their behaviour – with relief of their injury symptoms.

Erasmus Erasmus : Any other examples?
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Knee pains are another important issue. Once the knees start to degenerate and pain starts to develop, it is the things you do that maintain the damage. Again, the advice to give to most people is to be: careful with squats and crouches.

Muscles do not pull straight up and down the pool along the bone. So, if your knee is bent at 90° – such as if you’re sitting, there is a lot of leverage force created to pressurise in the when you stand up – even standing up normally. It takes something like 500 kg of muscle force in the thigh muscles to lift 50 kg of your body. So, if you have knee problems, it is extremely important to reduce leveraged forces on the knee. Leverage damages cartilages. Reduce the leverage and your knees often settle down considerably.

Another interesting observation was from one of my patients who noticed her knees were creaking a lot. She just undertook a very simple exercise program of at least half an hour walking every day. My advice was that Lots of low-grade activity like walking nourishes cartilage and assist cartilage healing. She found over about a month that the knee creaking settled considerably. Cause-and-effect. Reduced mobility causes poor cartilage nutrition causes increased wear and damage to the knee cartilages causes pain which then causes reduced mobility. Cycle complete.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Common Symptomatic medications used by many doctors in treatment may include:
Paracetamol: an old mainstay and it does help a bit
NSAIDs (Non- Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs):
Celecoxib (Trade Name: Celebrex)
Meloxicam (Trade Name:  Mobic)
Old NSAID Medications:
Piroxicam (Trade Name: Feldene)
Naproxen (Trade Name: Naprosyn)
Ibuprofen (Trade Name: Brufen, Nurofen)Back To Fibromyalgia Top
Narcotic Class Painkillers
Slow-release morphine or
Slow-release Oxycodone :-]]<
Mixed Class Painkillers:
Tramadol (Trade Name: Tramal)
Amitriptyline (Trade Name: Tryptanol), other Trade Names are Common for this old medicine), better known as an antidepressant but having an action on pain transmission as well.

Steroids such as Prednisone or Prednisolone are often used. These medications in Dr. Xxxxx’s opinion have a much more acceptable risk or damage profile than cytotoxics, specifically where used in doses less than ten mg per day for Prednisone.


Treatment according to the Paill Spectrum Model:

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Suggested Treatments include:
Always start with basic Paill Spectrum treatment: a good broad-spectrum Multivitamin delivering RDI (recommended daily intake) levels of vitamins. Use daily, long-term and regularly.
Assess if you have low grade wheat allergy symptoms or a partially positive blood test: (non-Celiac).
If you do, reduce your wheat intake to the level required for control of your wheat symptoms.

Wear an elbow warmer at night: It is important to achieve more warm hours per day at the elbow, (or any tendinitis site as well). Antibiotic and nutritional therapy can both be largely negated by failure to heat the body part to at least 37 degrees Celsius.

Heat to the Elbow during the day is also useful. Again, follow the principle of hours per day warm, but not hot. The heat needs to be “safe: i.e. 40-41 degrees Celsius to be useful. Avoid “hot” heat therapy as this can damage tissues which are not designed to withstand these temperatures, even though it feels good. Almost invariably someone using high heat therapy, ends up burning themself, if "hot" warming packs are used. Burns or deep tissue heat injury will increase the healing time.  So repair mechanisms do not function more efficiently at temperatures above about 41°C.

For women with shoulder problems, wear clothing with sleeves, not off the shoulder designs.

Avoid Elbow movements as much as possible, but this treatment protocol is much less important in the Paill Spectrum model, than in the standard medical model of golfers’ elbow or tennis elbow or rotator cuff tendonitis.

Using a therapeutic (Not imaging) ultrasound machine, Ultrasound @ 2.0 Watts, 50% for the elbow or Ultrasound @ 3.0w 99% for the subacromial region (shoulder) will give some reasonable additional relief to the other treatment modalities. Ultrasound in these conditions is not a treatment in its own right and has an ancillary role only to the other modalities of Paill Spectrum Therapy. Interferential therapy can give some additional relief in the case of shoulder tendonitis or trigger areas.

This treatment often only needs to be done several times a week for up to several weeks. Relief of these symptoms is much slower and less complete at these sites, than it is with therapy of hand conditions with ultrasound.

Erasmus Erasmus : None of the Paill Spectrum treatment involves performance enhancing medications. The treatments are not banned for use by sportspersons.  The PaillSpectrum Treatments essentially are  performance preserving medications. 

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Typically, the sore areas will respond to pain killers. However, if this is adopted as a therapy direction, doctors and patients will find over three to nine months that the dose of painkiller required to control the symptoms begins to rise. The Paill Spectrum model of disease I developed suggests that a number of people are driven to accelerate their drug or painkiller usage to attempt to obtain relief from the discomfort frequently associated with the condition. Some of these people may seek painkillers sufficiently to become labelled as addicts or as "addicted" to painkillers.. Others are labelled as malingerers or put on psychiatric medications.

Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : Yes, if you bomb the victims out enough they will stop complaining. Then again, maybe the pain just means that you are depressed! Honestly, where did these idiot doctors learn the art of medicine?  From the back of a corn flakes packet?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : In all fairness, there are no other diagnoses to make. So the doctors make one they know, no matter how irrational or inappropriate.
Many of these patients have stopped exercising in an attempt to avoid the prolonged tiredness or aches precipitated by exercise.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Brands of medications may be a problem also, as in the recent Australian case of medication adulteration by a Natural Therapies Company. e.g. Some patients found that their multivitamin contained substantial doses of laxative.
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : I saw two patients  about chronic diarrhoea. Nothing could be found to help or explain the problem. The patients found the answer themselves. They noticed that when they stopped their multivitamin tablet, their diarrhoea went away. The company has since been deregistered in Australia, and standards have been tightened up. I think we can all safely expect that we are getting exactly what it says on the packet when we buy a vitamin or supplement, in this day and age .

Erasmus Erasmus : In view of this, where your livelihood insists that medications are only to be used on a restrictive basis: check first and stick to known brands of medicine from recognised pharmaceutical companies.

The fifty cents you save won’t be worth it if traces of steroids or non-steroidal medications are found to be adulterating your OTC (over the counter herbal medicine).
Many countries in the world do not have as stringent standards for medical pharmaceutical products as is "usual" in many western countries.

Additionally, many herbal medicines are complex mixes of chemical families. Don’t volunteer yourself to take these medicines. You may unwittingly find there are traces of banned substances in some of these, quite apparently harmless herbal medications. Stick to what you know to be safe. Check! (This is especially important for sportspeople).

Erasmus Erasmus : And remember chemicals can be assayed. It is possible to do an FTIR analysis on a supplemental product to make sure that specific banned substances are not present. The only requirement is that the product is relatively pure. For example crystallised rather than present as a composite of chemicals and packers.

Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : Giving an opinion on the obverse, telling these sick people that's it's all in their head is actually true to some extent.
Unfortunately, it's a real disease cooking off their neurones until they lose the ability to speak, to think and to wipe their own bums. I don't think the Paill Organism responds to a good talking to. Only an idiot would be suborned by the thought that it's all imaginary and in your head. It's actually ,very real and very much in your head.

Goo the Numbat Goo : A complex situation indeed. It worries me to think that something is using me as a food source.
Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : It will worry you even more, if you do nothing to control the progress of the illness. As I have stated before, Paill Spectrum may be a horrific illness, but at the same time you can appreciate its deadliness, efficiency and stealth. Beauty in technical specifications , I would say.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : So what do you think of Paill Spectrum , Dr Axxxx?

Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : Paill Spectrum represents an efficient and deadly mechanism. Pain symptoms , (easily identified), represent a chink in the germ's armour that unfortunately allows easy diagnosis. Most idiot doctors would probably just give you some painkillers. This is sort of like a little boy sticking a finger in a dyke and hoping for the best. The worst is inevitable in these circumstances.

But enough , Dr Xxxxx you have the floor again.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx :

Untreated: Prognosis for Fibromyalgia & Related Disorders
in the Paill Spectrum Model

There is no magic cure for people who have a long history of Fibromyalgia like illness.  Nerve pain is very difficult to treat effectively, though some relief is easy to obtain.  Without treatment however, this Paill Spectrum condition continues to progress. 

The next phase of the progression of a long-term Paill Spectrum Fibromyalgic illness involves:
Memory Loss
Loss of Sequencing or Planning ability
Deterioration of Insulin Resistance
Deterioration of Exercise Tolerance
Increasing Unsteadiness
Increasing Anger, Irritability: more conflict with partners, Neighbours or family
Poor or Questionable judgement in a number of life circumstances, probably only obvious to the people who know the affected person’s circumstances well.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the miseries that occur in Paill Spectrum Fibromyalgia, merely a representative list. 

Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : Haven't you fools been listening. Paill Spectrum has many symptoms and presents in many ways. It is one of the most pleasingly lethal organisms and its symptoms are often subdued.
Make the diagnosis when you can with what you can find. Paill Spectrum is stealthy. Many patients would not even know they are ill, even if reduced to 'post literate vegetables' drooling and pooing in some nursing home bed somewhere.
Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx :Yes I am particularly drawn to seemingly insightful bits of research, which really reflect the stumblings of bamboozled morons. For example, researchers have apparently discovered that there is an increased risk of developing a proper psychiatric diagnosis if a patient has fibromyalgia.
This is the equivalent of saying that people with an advanced form of a disease, have a higher risk of showing "other" symptoms of that same disease.

Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : My comment as always is : "You're kidding . You actually paid money for this .
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : I think billions of dollars are spent on the pursuit of the truths, for the furtherance of science and knowledge and in the hope of finding a cure. Trillions are spent on a range of treatments including psychological therapies.
Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx :Only an idiot would treat a serious physical disease with medicines that work on the "psychology" of the ill people. I would love to see someone cured of the flu or HIV because someone gave them a good talking to.

These treating idiot doctors can't be reasoned with as well. They know the answers even when they have no idea. They don't know the limits of their own knowledge and understanding.

 Still it is gratifying to see how much money effort and time is spent chasing some of the most misguided advice in the Galaxy.

Happy Sporty Guys Happy Sporty Guys: Fixed Ideas

Goo the Numbat Goo : You mentioned other symptoms of Paill. They are not ready for that one (above) though.


Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx Quite.

To label a human as a malingerer or even a liar is to fail to grasp the essence of what it is to be a human. Humans are cooperative and helpful and seek to please. Where a human acts ill and foolish, or exhibits abnormal behaviour, irritability , anger or poor judgement, there is a reason.

Erasmus Erasmus : Sports Performance, Flat Spots for high Performance Athletes
Paill Spectrum causes a range of symptoms which can make high performance sports difficult or more dangerous.  :-[[
Currently, performance enhancing medications are banned. Paill Spectrum therapy is not performance enhancing. It merely stops deterioration or corrosion of the body’s systems, that in the long term may affect performance.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Key Elements in Paill Spectrum affecting Sports Performance include:
Dizziness or Loss of balance.
Patients typically wobble just a little bit more when they stand with their eyes closed. An extra wobble of just one or two millimetres at the Sportsperson level, can translate into much greater distance variation where a ball is thrown or kicked. So "balance" sense needs to be carefully preserved. Balance affects performance in most sports even for example, sports like golf. So poor balance will be a serious performance affecting issue for anyone competing at elite levels.
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Tender Areas:
There are a number of sore body parts, most notably elbows (tennis elbows, golfers’ elbows) and shoulder tendonitis), that can seriously impair a Sportsperson’s ability to undertake high performance sports.

Most people and athletes put this down to overwork or simple strains from pushing yourself to hard. With usual treatment, these symptoms or problems may never disappear. The Sportsperson may end up a year later with the same symptoms in the same place and to the same extent, no matter that they have done their best to follow medical advice for the past year. The tendon tear syndromes cover a range of conditions of which tennis elbows, golfers’ elbows and sore shoulders are the most known. Many other body tendons can be affected by "chronic pain" from what is assumed to be a strain.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : In my practice where patients really give a good history of injury to shoulder or elbow tendons , these patients recover fully as expected without treatment, within a few months at most. If there is just a simple strain really present they get better quite quickly and completely.

Other patients who have Paill Spectrum tendon damage, often fail to give a convincing history of serious injury. Where other Paill Spectrum symptoms, signs or blood tests are found, these patients typically have symptoms for a long time. These patients still blame simple "strains" for their problems, but perhaps other reasons for illness or failure to recover form illness, should begin to be suspected. :-<

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Chronic Fatigue:
Tired athletes are not good athletes. The difficulty comes when the athlete is told the tiredness is caused by just a "virus" by his or her doctor, but the symptom of tiredness never goes away, like the average virus. They stay tired and often indeed become more and more tired, with time.

Typically, in the long term , many patients with chronic fatigue begin to develop aches and pains. These are made worse with exercise and people begin to avoid exercise due to the prolonged discomfort triggered by activity. Early, there may be no specific sore spots. even pressing may not trigger pain. The person affected just knows that their muscles are hurting.

Patients also often wake up feeling absolutely terrible in the morning and fail to get out of bed easily anymore. Eventually, they begin to sleep more and become less active. In the end, their performance peak slowly fades away over many months. Their athletic performance deteriorates.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Impulsiveness:
Self-explanatory: people are more likely to do more stupid things without thinking about other options. e.g. in a team sport, people are more likely to do what they want to do, without that split second thought about possible options. They often never consider the consequences of their actions. They soon get a reputation for just not quite doing the right thing.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Easily Angered or Violent :-O
There was an interesting case in the media where a jockey had returned to horse riding and been involved in a fight with another jockey during the race. He had used his riding crop on the other rider. (This is not one of Dr. Xxxxx’s patients  and Dr. Xxxxx has no knowledge of the person’s medical history , so this discussion is all supposition based on the Paill Spectrum Theory). Interestingly, he had been forced to lose over ten kg in the months prior to his return to riding.

The Paill Spectrum model would predict that long term micronutrient deficiency (as would occur in weight loss starvation), would likely result in an acceleration of the Paill Spectrum Illnesses in the long term. Typical symptoms would involve for example “Jockey Rage”.

Another interesting example, was one Sportsperson with a history of bad behaviour / angry outbursts on the field. He was sacked by his club and forced to seek employment elsewhere. Within a few months, he was involved in a gouging / probing incident on field, resulting in further suspension from the sport. You would think he would realise that his second chance was going to be his last chance.

In short, affected people cannot help how their mind works and it is only with difficulty that they can change their behaviour. People who behave badly probably do so for a reason, and for the same reasons often continue to do so.


Goo the Numbat Goo : The picture you paint is eerily disgusting. Even a lowly mammal like myself feels sorry for humans.
Dr AXxxxxDr Axxxx : Don't be so smug , Goo. If doctors can't recognise these symptoms in patients, they are worthless fools not worth helping.