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Erasmus Erasmus :Travel Prep

Having a checklist for travel can make packing easy and reduce the risk of “forgetting” something. We give you some lists and ideas.

Don't forget Travel Snacks Simple snacks for travel.

Erasmus Erasmus : Plans
Booking : Address+ Agent Address
Booking Accommodation > entry code, Keys
Booking Car
Notify Bank
Credit/Debit Card for travel 

Leave family  an Itinerary,  Contact details family

Erasmus Erasmus : Basic Travel Essentials
Glasses and glass case, Sunnies
Wallet/ Cash
Keys inc overseas Keys / Locks
Photo ID e.g. Drivers License
Coding Chip PRN  e.g. Netcode/ passwords check

Erasmus Erasmus : Accessories for Travel
Maps, Refedex
Weight Scales
Rucksack? Bag, Extra Bag Organizer : lightweight
Extra Bags to Tidy/carry
Pens/ Paper/ Clipper/ Marking Pens / Stapler
Folders inc Clear storage folders
Reading Material
LED torch, fluorescent lights, laser pointer
AA or AAA batteries

Erasmus Erasmus : Hygiene
Toothbrush, Floss, Toothpaste
Tissues, Toilet Paper
Nail Clipper or knife
Insect Stuff/ Sunscreen
Electric Shaver, Shaver
Dishwashing powder, Wash Liquid or Powder
Fly Spray, Insect Repellant
Towels inc Beach Towels

Erasmus Erasmus : Medications
Saline Nasal Spray
Antihistamine, Singular
Decongestant tabs and spray
Mobic or Brufen, Panadol, Panadeine Forte, Tramadol

Ventolin or similar
Vaseline Chapstick, L
Minocycline, Cefaclor, Ciprofloxacin, Metronidazole
? LLiap kit
PPI: acid meds e.g. Rabeprazole = Pariet
Fibre tabs
Vitamins and Zinc

Erasmus Erasmus : My Specials      ??
Night Accessories
Beanies,   Scarf, Gloves
Pillows for Bedtime
Night Footwear, Shower Footwear

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Clothes
2 Outfits: pants, Shirts, Jumpers
Work shoes / walk Shoes/ Loafer Shoes or Crocs
Socks and Jocks and shower Shoes
Bed Clothes : Tee Shirt, Pants, Socks
Beach Clothes, Togs, Boardshorts, Burn Cream, Sunhat
Exercise Equipment: weights, gloves, clothes, shoes,
resistance bands

Erasmus Erasmus : Work lists, Tools Lists
Data Account for phone
Phone, Mini USB connect Cables, Test Connection
Wireless Router/Cat 5e+ cables/Power
USB Hub, USB Charger
Novels, Games, Cheat Sheets, MP3 and MP4 files
Work Lists, Home Lists, Interests Info
Email Info

Erasmus Erasmus : Electronics: Update Computers
Notebook, LAPTOP, Chargers, Accessories, Case
Phone and Charger:  cable USB-phone
Extra Screen / VGA Cables / power cord for screen
Agencies selling phone or credit
Padding for notebook

Camera and spare batteries and charger
Little Tripod, spare memory card for Camera
USB and power charger, USB Sticks 64Gb,
Headphones: outer, Earphones,, Speakers

Erasmus Erasmus : Electronic Accessories
USB powered Speakers, Mouse, Keyboard
Earphones, USB Powered Speakers
Switched Power Boards and Extension Cables 5m
Cables: USB-Phone, USB-miniUSB, 
Power Plug ins 240v with USB charger plug
USB ports, USB-Net via USB,
String, Cable Ties, Twist Wire

Electronic entertainments
Files: videos,mps

Erasmus Erasmus : Food & Animals// Leaving Home
Dog Beds, Dog Leads, Bowls FW, Toys,Food/Treats
People Food, Lollies, Snack foods-Noodles,, Et-fav
Toilet paper,Tissues, Spray cook oil
Human Water Bottle Carryable/case
Dog Electronic Collars, Citronella Recharger.
Dog Hygiene /  Cleanup Towels
?? Partitioning: close off spaces

Erasmus Erasmus : Work Before Leaving Home
Fish Maintenance: extra Water, check food for Fish
Water Plants
Family Medical Needs: check
AC Off ?
Light and Power Off
Crisis Contacts
How to turn off water / Power
Food Shopping
Animal Emergencies
Neighbours: Contacts / Issues
Rubbish Bin Day
Letter Box / Newspapers

Instruct: Water@mon,Bins@tues,Fish. Dog and Cat,
Pee time/ Poo time etc

Erasmus Erasmus : Travel Away Items: Basic for Daily but not for Stockpiling on Hols
Sugar, sweeteners ---
Tea, Coffee
Big Cups, Spare Teaspoons, Other specific Cutlery not
likely to be found in rented premises
Dish Washing Powder
Face Masks, Gloves

Packing for Travel Travel packing essentials:
don't forget what is not going on holiday.


Erasmus Erasmus : Travel Words :


Erasmus Erasmus : Travel Packing List 2

TravelList 2

Erasmus Erasmus : Travel  Packing List 3

Travel Packing List 3


And if you are going somewhere they speak another language: see
Language for holidays: single words, single syllables and easy to learn.
Become world savvy and talk to people anywhere by just learning a few words. 
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